The Curious Case of First Apple Card ‘Fraud’


The words “secure” and “privacy” still echos in my ears that Apple particularly emphasized while launching its credit card system. But if its a piece of technology in question, history tells us it is susceptible to be hacked.

The horrible event has happened, possibly the first reported case of Apple Card fraud. In an incident described as “very rare” (how comforting) by an Apple Support representative, a man named David with an Apple Card was duped by someone living extremely far away.

According to 9to5Mac, David contacted Apple Support after he received a fraudulent transaction alert on his iPhone. While the location of the transaction was shown nearby, it turned out to be hundreds of miles away when tapped on the map.

The same was confirmed by the Apple Support person, who told David that the purchase happened several states away. However, the frightening of it all is that the Apple Card was still with him.

The representative failed to provide more information on how it happened but assured David that they’d carry out an investigation.

“I do not know how this could of happened. It’s very rare for your card to be in two places at one time. Since our physical cards have no number on it, it’s very hard for someone to copy it,” the representative said.

One of the significant security measures Apple has implemented is not including any number on its credit card. This makes it impossible for someone just to take a peek and remember the numbers.

But still, the physical Apple Card has to suffer from a common problem that happens to credit and debit cards – Skimming. It still bears a magnetic stripe and a chip, and so it can be cloned using a skimming device.

By the way, that’s the closest explanation of how the transaction could have happened. In any case, using Apple Pay to make purchases would always be way more secure than using the physical card.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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