Apple Arcade To Cost $12.99/Month As It Attracts $500 Million Fund

Apple Arcade Cost
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The cost of Apple Arcade has been revealed to be $12.99 a month and the subscription service has reportedly attracted a hefty investment of $500 million dollars.

For the company, the gaming subscription service serves two purposes: To bring in some much-needed profit and a return back to its gaming roots.

Nowadays, Microsoft is the famous name among gamers but earlier it was Apple, which was synonymous with gaming.

Apple Arcade Cost And Future Prediction

Apple Arcade Cost Features

According to analysts at HSBC, Apple Arcade Cost of $12.99/month will generate a profit of $370 million in 2020. If the subscription service hits 29 million players, Apple’s revenue will jump to 4.5 billion, and this is likely to happen in 2024.

For the uninitiated, Apple Arcade will feature exclusive games made by game developers working only for Apple. The games available on the Apple Arcade will not be available on any other platform. Think of Apple Arcade games as ‘PlayStation exclusives’, but the only difference is that you’d be able to play Apple games on any six iOS devices at the same time.

Some parts of Apple Arcade costs will also go towards game developers working in association with the subscription service. Apple will support young and experienced developers alike and also those game makers who have a good game concept, but no financial aid.

Apple Arcade vs Google Stadia

Apple Arcade Cost Google Stadia

Apple’s main competitor, Google, is also testing its hand in the gaming industry with Google Stadia, a streaming console. While Apple Arcade games will be available offline, Google Stadia will only feature full-time online gaming, thus requiring a 25Mb/s of Internet connection.

Both services will likely work on a subscription basis and offer compromises in different areas. In Apple Arcade, the game developers will be supported by Apple and that in itself reflects job-security in the long run. The downside here, depending on who you ask, is the absence of mainstream titles like Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed.

On the other end, Google has a history of not properly supporting products in the long run. Thus players, as well as developers, are skeptical of working with the company. However, Google Stadia will likely feature popular mainstream titles that gamers have grown to know and love.

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