Apple AR Glasses Could Have ‘Lenslets’ To Bring Out Mixed Reality

Apple AR Glasses Could Have 'Lenslets' To Bring Out Mixed Reality
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Apple AR glasses have made quite a buzz over the years. Rumors have been suggesting that the California-based tech giant might be coming with its own version of an AR headset. The company is publishing many patents but hasn’t made a prototype.

However, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple today that reveals an AR and a different lens system design. This design suggests a head-mounted AR device with a new lens system. This new lens is called ‘Lenslets’.

How would these Apple AR glasses be different?

Apple AR Glasses Could Have 'Lenslets' To Bring Out Mixed Reality
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There’s been an issue with AR glasses in the market. Current head mounting devices suffer from a shift in perspective relative to the real world so does VR. The scene cameras are mounted in front of, above, and to the side of the user’s eyes.

Scene cameras placed in front of the eyes would create a mismatch between the distance of pupils. As compared to the user’s eyes, because it is mismatched it results in discomfort, blurred vision, dizziness, and headache.

According to patentlyapple, Apple has published a patent describing a lens system having an entrance pupil that nearly matches the user’s eye. This new lens system from apple will be quite thin and functional.

Although, not mentioned in the given patent’s body. Apple’s patents claim that there will be a facial recognition system installed. This will be used to identify a person in the scene and could become a major feature in Apple’s future eyewear.

Multiple camera elements will be used to achieve such thinness. Each camera element will contain these optics called “lenslets” and a sensor-like image or depth sensor where a lenslet will possibly include one more lens.

What’s your take on this? Do we need more extensive research on head mounting devices? Tell us how you feel about the patent.

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