If Apple App Store Removed Your App, It Was Not Popular Anyway

No more oudated apps on App Store.


Apple launched the App Store Improvements process back in 2016. The main motive behind the process was to remove apps that no longer function as they should, don’t follow current App Store review guidelines or are not updated. Since starting the App Store Improvements process, Apple has removed more than 2.8 million such apps from App Store.

As per the process, apps that are not updated in the last three years or failed to meet a download threshold will be removed from App Store. If an app has no downloads or very low downloads within a rolling 12 months period, it will be marked as not meeting the threshold.

App Store Improvements process

When Apple finds one such app in the process, the company sends an email to the app developer. The email notifies them that their app is identified for removal. Once a developer receives an email from Apple, they can appeal the removal. If they think Apple should not remove their app.

In a new change in the App Store Improvements process, the app developers will get up to 90 days to update their app. It will help app developers update their apps so they do not get removed. When an app developer fails to update their app Apple removes the app. If an app gets removed, it will continue to work as usual for the users who have already installed it.

The App Store Improvements process is an excellent initiative by Apple as it increases the discoverability of the new and worthy apps. It also increases the security and privacy of the users. Removing outdated apps means users will only download apps that offer an excellent user experience. What do you think about Apple removing the apps that are not updated or not popular? Let us know your thoughts.

Ratnesh Kumar

Ratnesh Kumar

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