This Weird Name Of AirTag Like Device Concept May Force Google To Brainstorm Better

The captions are hilarious!


Apple has AirTag, and Samsung has SmartTag, but where is Google’s device tracker? This single question bugged a concept designer, and he went on to create a concept idea for a compact tracker device if Google made it. But don’t mistake it for an ordinary concept idea because it is surely meant for adults.

Designer Obi Fidler submitted a concept design for a portable tracker with the name “G Spot.” It gets more interesting from here onwards as the whole design contains hilarious puns by carefully using the term with expected features and design.

Obi Filder’s AirTag concept for Google is wild

The concept design begins with the obvious question, “where is the Google smart tracker?” The first image is of a pebble-shaped device which is the smart tracker. It is in pink color, and if that wasn’t enough, the top edge of the tracker device contains a pun: “You’ve found my G Spot.”

Fidler’s imagination doesn’t stop there. He went on to describe the unique features that the tracker device will have, including multiple colors, AR features, BLE, and long battery life. But the captions for each feature are extremely satirical and well-thought. For instance, there is the question “How do I find my G Spot?” below, which is a complete description of using a Google app or a voice search to locate the tracker.

Google Tracker
Image: Behance

The wild concept goes on to describe much-needed protection for the tracker. It is a pin-shaped case that is attachable with a key ring to carry it everywhere. While the idea is extremely humorous and meant for adults, Google should at least consider making a tracker and announce it in the next I/O event. It is the only company capable of launching and successfully disrupting the market, especially among Android users.

You can check out Obi Fidler’s creation on Behance and share your thoughts on this raunchy yet apt idea. Moreover, if you are brave enough, you can even share this on Twitter and tag Google and its top executives, to let the idea reach the correct person.

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