Apple Adds iCloud Shared Photo Library Support In iOS16 and macOS 13

Finally family members can collaborate on Photos!

Apple Adds iCloud Shared Photo Library Support In iOS16 and macOS 13
Image: Macrumors

Apple enthusiasts desperately await each update and launch from the company. The third betas of iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, and iOS 16 went to the developers this morning. Apple has added several new features across all platforms. One particularly interesting one is the added support for the iCloud shared photos library.

This entirely new feature wasn’t a part of the initial beta. The feature has created a lot of excitement among iPhone users. The iCloud shared photo library feature is designed and incorporated for users to make sharing pictures with their family members easier.

How to set up iCloud shared photos?

After installing the iPadOS 16, macOS Ventura, or the iOS 16, the user can easily set it up through the settings app. Under Photos, move to the ‘shared library’ and click on it.

Once you are there, tap on the ‘start setup’ option to add the participants that you want it to share with. The feature allows you to add over five other people. All the participants can edit, delete or add the content from a shared library. There are no restrictions on adding people. The feature lets you add anyone, including ones who don’t have the family sharing set up with you.

Once you have chosen the people to share the pictures with, you can then decide to move the pictures to the shared library. Apart from letting you move all the pictures and videos, you can also move particular people or media from a specific date and decide to add all the pictures manually.

iCloud shared photos
Image: MacRumors

After adding the pictures, a preview feature allows you to view them before sharing them and invite the participants via messages app or a shared link. All the participants will get access to the pictures through the shared library.

To avoid accidentally shared photos, the feature comes with smart setup rules which the user can implement. You can choose to share every past photo or simply pictures from a start date. Another useful option is that you can share pictures with particular people like your family members.

More Details

According to MacRumors, users can automatically add photos to the shared library. Although there are other options to share using Bluetooth proximity. The all-new toggle in the camera app will automatically let you upload all the photos to the shared library. The shared photos will pop up in featured photos, memories, and the photos widget like the standard iCloud library images.

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