Apple Accused Of Union-Busting Again At Its WTC Store

Is Apple being unreasonable?

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Communications Workers of America filed a complaint against Apple, accusing them of union-busting. According to the CWA, they violated federal labor laws by taking insulting actions against their employees. The company prohibited employees from posting union flyers in shared spaces and forced them to attend anti-union presentations.

Since the union-busting occurred at Apple’s flagship World Trade Center store in New York City, they’re getting some heat. The complaint says they interrogated workers regarding their “protected concerted activities.”This marks the second time the tech giant has been accused of union-busting this week.

Apple was accused of union-busting before

Apple Accused Of Union-Busting Again At Its WTC Store
image credit: Unsplash

According to a story from The Verge, similar complaints were filed in Atlanta on Tuesday. The report also said these complaints are part of a wave of labor organizing in the retail and IT industries. This includes the successful unionization of an Amazon warehouse on Staten Island.

Although Apple does not currently have any retail unions in the United States, three of its store locations have formally initiated union drives. Some reports by the likes of Bloomberg and Endgadget suggest Apple holds meetings with anti-union messages.

The story further claims that “Apple retail workers around the country are demanding a voice on the job and a seat at the table.” Tim Dubnau, the CWA’s deputy organizing director, said in a press statement about the filing at the World Trade Center store.

He also declined to say whether the union was seeking to represent the workers at the company’s World Trade Center store. According to him, they are among many who have recently contacted the group. “When we learn about Apple violating the law, we try our best to defend workers’ rights,” he said.

Unfortunately, and in defiance of its professed beliefs, Apple has reacted like any other American firm, using heavy-handed techniques to intimidate and compel employees. What do you think? should they let their employees decide whether or not they want to join a union?”

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