Apple Is Adding An “Account Deletion” Button To All Apps

If an app lets you create an account, it will also let you delete it.

Apple App Store delete account button
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Apple announced this update back in June at WWDC, and it is now making it mandatory for developers to let users delete accounts from within the app. If an app allows you to create an account, it will also have to offer account deletion starting January 31.

In the update posted on the Apple Developer news page, the company is also asking developers to adhere to the guidelines. Here’s an excerpt from the update:

We encourage you to review any laws that may require you to maintain certain types of data, and to make sure your app clearly explains what data your app collects, how it collects that data, all uses of that data, your data retention/deletion policies, and more as described in the guideline.

The account deletion button on Apple apps won’t be as convenient as a single-sign-on process. The guidelines require developers to add a button to “allow users to initiate deletion of their account”. It means you can start the deletion process from the app, but it may redirect you to a web page that tries to keep you subscribed.

This button will also be needed considering the new App Store in-app purchase model. Apple will now let apps redirect you to third-party payment methods. Before the Epic Games vs Apple case, you could stop a subscription right from the App Store itself. The inclusion of a ‘delete account’ button should also let you unsubscribe from auto-renewals from third-party payments.

What Does Account Deletion Button Mean For Users?

For you, the account deletion button within the app is a way to get rid of unnecessary subscriptions and notifications. If you don’t use an account or wish to start over with an app, the option will let do that quicker. It is also a clever choice to only include a button to initiate the process. This should give the app a chance to keep you as a user.

However, if you’ve decided to discontinue a subscription or delete an account, the new update should simplify it. Also, if you want to keep your account but just get rid of the app for a while, you can uninstall it and reinstall the app when you want to use it again.

Apple is also adding a “Report A Problem” button to the App Store. This will let you report an app even if you’re not subscribed to it. The feature is already rolling out for iOS and iPadOS, and will also roll out with macOS Monterey.

Moreover, if you want to take a break from social media, read our guide on how to deactivate your Instagram account temporarily from mobile in detail here!

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