Apple Is Working On A 35-Watt Dual USB-C Port Charger

Apple Dual USB-C Port 35 W Adapter

Apple is working on A 35-Watt dual USB-C port power adapter. The company accidentally published a support document on its website revealing the existence of a 35-Watt dual USB-C charger. Apple deleted the support document very soon, but not before the folks over 9to5Mac screenshot and took a note of it. The support document states below:

“Use the Apple 35W Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter and a USB-C cable (not included) to charge your device. Connect a USB-C cable to either port on the power adapter, extend the electrical prongs (if necessary), then plug the power adapter firmly into the power outlet. Ensure the power outlet is easily accessible for disconnecting. Connect the other end of the cable to your device.”

As per the support document, the upcoming Dual USB-C Port Power Adapter will support USB C Power Delivery Technology. The documents also revealed the Input and Output ratings of the adapter:

  • Input: 100–240V /1.0A
  • (USB PD) Output 1 or 2: 5VDC/3A or 9VDC/3A or 15VDC/2.33A or 20VDC/1.75A

Apple 35-Watt Dual USB-C Port Charger

It is not clear whether Apple will release the leaked 35W power adapter. But if Apple releases it, it will be the first time that Cupertino Giant will make a dual USB-C port adapter. 

We think there was never a better time for Apple to release a dual USB-C charger. The company has stopped bundling adapters in iPhone and Apple Watch boxes. The iPhone and Apple Watch users are buying power adapters separately. 

Typically, Apple users own more than one Apple product like Apple Watch or AirPods. Currently, users charge their Apple products one by one. If Apple starts selling a Dual USB-C adapter, users will most likely buy it. They can charge multiple iPhones, one iPhone, an Apple Watch, or any other combination.

Apple’s top-of-the-line iPhone 13 series supports up to 27W fast charging. If you buy the 35W-Dual USB C charger, you can fast-charge your iPhone and plug your Apple Watch or AirPods simultaneously.

What you guys the Apple Dual USB-C 35W power adapter? Would you like to buy a Dual USB-C adapter from Apple? Let us know in the comments.

Ratnesh Kumar

Ratnesh Kumar

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