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Today, people use apps for all sorts of things, from booking a doctor’s appointment to ordering food, there are apps for everything. So, as an entrepreneur, getting your app on Google Play Store and App Store is the best thing you could do to take your business to greater heights.

Now, if you’re an entrepreneur who just developed a mobile app to get his product or services in front of people, then how can you optimize it to rank at the top?

Getting your app ranked at the top on Google Play Store or App Store isn’t an easy task. What if people aren’t directly searching for your app by typing in your app’s name but you want people to see your app ranking on keywords related to your niche.  Well, that is where the App Store Optimization tools like AppFollow come into the equation.

What is AppFollow?

AppFollow ASO Tools are services that helps you increase your app’s ranking and improve conversion rate. Also, it helps you gather your app’s data, which you can later analyze to find out what’s working and where you need to focus more. Moreover, AppFollow also lets you work on the reputation management of your app. It lets you connect with your users without being redirected to the App Store every time as you can reply to comments directly from your Slack account.

Features of AppFollow

  •  iOS 12 Search Results: AppFollow lets you see the position of your apps and additional information including stories, In-Apps, and Bundles.
    iOS 12 search results
  • Keyword Research: If you have some keywords on your mind, then you can use AppFollow to find out the traffic score of those keywords. Also, you can filter the traffic score based on location and language.
    AppFollow keyword research tool
  • Search Ads Spy: Now that you have the traffic score for all the relevant keywords, the next best thing you could do is find out who is bidding on your keywords.
    search ads spy
  • ASO Analytics: If you’re bidding on certain keywords, then it is important for you to keep a close track of the ASO analytics. The good thing is that you can track conversion rates, downloads, and keyword position right in the AppFollow app.ASO analytics
  • Integration with Slack: One of the best things about AppFollow is that you can get the ASO reports and user reviews directly on Slack. You can opt for daily, weekly, and monthly reports which you’ll receive on Slack without having to switch again and again.Also, if you’re not a fan of Slack, then AppFollow makes it easy for you by providing the ASO reports on your Email.
    slack integration with App store optimiation tool
  • Featured Apps Reports: Now, this is something truly incredible. Apparently, if your app or your competitor’s app gets featured on App Store, then AppFollow notifies you a day before it happens. This way, you’ll always be one step ahead of your competitor.
    featured app reports
  • Reputation Management: If you have your app on Google Play Store and App Store, then it’s important for you to engage with negative user reviews as well. You have to let your users know that you’re continuously working on improving your app.

Well, one good thing about AppFollow is that it simplifies things for you by providing you with Semantic Analytics. So, you can get an overall idea about the attitude of people towards your app. You can engage with users directly from Slack, Zendesk, Salesforce, and other channels.

Also, if you do take care of the negative reviews and work on improving, then you’ll also know if the user changes or deletes his review.

Pricing for AppFollow

AppFollow Official Website

1. For Startups

  • Free Plan: This plan is a good way to start if you’re just planning to get an idea of how the tool works. In this plan, you can monitor up to 2 apps limited to only 2 countries. You can have up to 5 team members and get 20 developer replies to reviews per month. Also, the number of keywords you can track is limited to 20.
  • Essential($23/month): If you want to monitor up to 2 apps with no limitation over countries, then this is the plan for you. By paying 23 bucks, you can have over 5 team members, 50 developer replies, and 50 keywords.
  • Startup($47/month): Are you a startup that wants to monitor up to 5 apps? Well, by opting for the Startup plan of AppFolllow, you can get 200 keywords to track, 200 developers replies, and up to 5 team members. Also, there will be no geographical restrictions, so you can track your apps in all countries.

2. For Companies

  • Growth ($55-$127/month): This plan starts from $55/month for monitoring 5 apps and goes up to $127/month for 30 apps. You get up to 200 keywords, 10 team members, and 200 replies per month.
  • Advanced ($111-$183/month): Starting from $111/month for 5 apps, this plan goes up to $183/month for 30 apps. By paying this much, you get up to 1500 keywords, 500 developers replies, and 15 team members.
  • Custom: If none of the above plans satisfy your needs, then you request a custom plan by interacting with the AppFollow team. You can tell them how many apps you want to monitor and you can also specify other things like keywords, team members, and replies.
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