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Hooks AppShort Bytes: Hooks is an award winning alert and notification app available for Android and iOS which can send you a notification for anything that’s important to you.

Ever thought of getting a notification in your mobile when some new episode of Game Of Thrones is released? Or a new movie crosses a rating of 7 on IMDB? Well, if yes, then Hooks is for you. Hooks is an app that will send you a notification for things that are important to you. Choose one from 1M+ alerts or you can create your custom alerts by choosing one of 100+ channels available. Hooks for Android and iOS will make your smartphone notifications smarter.

Hooks for Android and iOS lets you discover and create push notifications for just about anything, and you can configure the notifications based on your needs. You can choose from thousands of subjects and types, television, music, sports, social media, weather, blog updates and more. Mostly though, the value that Hooks adds is that you don’t have to check various sources or websites on your phone. Plus, you end up checking less your phone lesser as you are knowing that the vibration in your pocket will be something that you genuinely want to know about.

Hooks co-founder Oleg Kozynenko, on what are the problems Hooks has set out to solve, said –

People need to install many apps to stay tuned on what matters to them. Also, for many things, notifications are the easiest way to be well informed

Whenever you install a new app on your mobile device, you would be promoted to allow that app to send you notifications. Now think about 100 such applications and if you allow all of them, it really becomes messy. You wish to go back and change the permission for all apps, and it is a lot of effort. This is exactly why you should not allow any app to send you notification and configure Hooks for Android and iOS to do that.

Some of the most popular alerts you can find and subscribe to on Hooks for Android and iOS are:

* Sports: scores, live results and schedules from your favorite team
* NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL games and scores
* European Leagues
* Music Concerts: get notified of new concerts, festivals and new albums of your favorite band
* Videogames releases and updates, Twitch streams
* Weather: weather change for rain, ice, snow, temperature drop, etc.
* TV shows and movies: when will be the next episode, schedules of your favorite tv show, etc.
* Lottery results
* Pollen and allergy
* New meetups on your area about the topics you care about
* Films by rating, director or starring
* Top restaurants
* AMBER alerts
* Shipment tracking for every courier
* Website down watcher
* Horoscope
* Earthquake and Hurricanes
* Track mentions of you or your brand
* New Online courses
* Monitor Alexa rank of your website
* Currency exchange rates, including Bitcoin
* Stock watcher
* Mentions on Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest
* Youtube, Vimeo and Quora updates
* Reddit, ProductHunt and HackerNews top articles

How to create Hooks alerts for iOS and Android?

Do you want to get notified when we publish a new article? This is an example to demonstrate the capability Hooks provides to you and you can use it for anything that might interest you. Follow the below video to get started with Hooks:



Download Hooks:  iOS   Android

Do you like Hooks for Android and iOS? Let us know in comments below. Stay tuned to fossBytes for more such reviews.

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