Anti-Tank E-Bikes, Big Tech Dip, And More: Weekly Tech Roundup

But you can now buy a 500Hz gaming monitor, and wait for RTX 4090.

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A Delfast modified e-bike used by Ukrainian soldiers

While big launches and even bigger leaks continue to pour in, a section of big tech is bleeding layoffs and hiring slowdowns. This week, we saw a couple of big names join the list. But there’s more to our weekly tech news roundup.

The most recent ones to join a hiring slowdown were Bolt Financial and Nvidia. Although to our surprise, Nvidia’s name comes at a time when its future product, the RTX 4090’s specs are leaking day after day. We covered the big tech hiring dry spell in detail, and we think it should resolve itself in the coming time.

Facebook, now Meta, and Snapchat have also taken a big hit. Snap even went out and blamed Apple for revenue losses.

So what else happened this week? Let’s check out our to-the-point weekly tech news roundup.

Weekly tech news roundup

Dorsey leaves Twitter board

Jack Dorsey Twitter account hacked

Jack Dorsey’s journey from Twitter founder CEO to board member has come to an end. He has officially stepped down from the board.

Dorsey’s decision comes in the light of his new venture, Block, formerly Square, which now demands his attention.

Jack’s departure aside, Twitter shares jumped 5% as Musk further committed capital for the buyout, reigniting faith in the deal. However, he’s still being sued about how he went around with it.

Tesla catches fire on-road and in court

This week, 7 Tesla cars caught fire in the U.S. and Canada. If that were not enough, Tesla’s request for a closed-door hearing in sexual harassment cases was also thrown out by the court.

Tesla isn’t also the only one catching flak as a sexual harassment incident against Musk also surfaced. While SpaceX’s current President came to back Musk, the damage was done.

Amidst all the chaos, SpaceX launched the Starlink RV plan. But there too, people have already mounted their Tesla EVs with a Starlink.

500Hz Monitor, Meta MyoSuite: This week’s launches

Asus ROG Swift 500Hz Gaming Monitor Launched With Nvidia G-Sync
image credit: Asus

This week was a sweet treat for tech enthusiasts. The launches and rumors are all equally promising. To kick things off, we have the Asus ROG Swift 500Hz monitor. This gaming monitor has a 500Hz refresh rate, and it is such an overkill that we don’t have a single game that uses this high refresh rate.

Amazon also opened its first clothing store in the U.S. The store is packed with tech and looks like Amazon’s attempt to bridge the app with the real world and make the integration smoother.

AMD also showed off the AMD Ryzen 7000 series chips. MediaTek also released the Dimensity 1050 5G chip, which could be a choice for budget to mid-range smartphone offerings in the future.

Next up, Meta released a MyoSuite skeleton AI, that promises better prosthetics in the future. Speaking of firsts, Corsair has also launched its first gaming laptop that also has a touch bar.

Lastly, Microsoft Build happened, and the company introduced a couple of neat features and hardware. MS announced project Volterra, which is a mini desktop for developers. The company also added a restore apps option on the MS Store and opened the store doors for all developers.

Xiaomi x Leica: Upcoming Tech you’d love

Nothing Phone 1 Retail Partners
Image: Nothing

Xiaomi teased its partnership with Leica, a company that makes cinema-grade cameras. This partnership will bring Leica’s imaging to a Xiaomi phone, and we have high hopes for this partnership.

Carl Pei, the CEO of Nothing, confirmed this week that the Nothing Phone (1) will come with a transparent back. You’ll be able to see the internals of the phone. Sounds bold, right? Motorola might also have an ace up its sleeve, as there are teasers of a third-gen Razr with a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip making rounds.

Now if you’re a PC gamer, there’s a piece of massive good news coming your way. Sony has disclosed plans to bring at least half of its games to PC and mobile platforms. So God of War on PC was just the beginning. And all of this, at the time when we have a 500Hz gaming monitor and awaiting the RTX 4090 lineup.

What happened at Apple this week?

iPod Touch
Image: Pexels

The trillion-dollar company always keeps the headlines and rumor mill on their toes. Talking of the news first, Apple Music student plan prices have been raised. The company also announced its small developers made 113% more money in the last 2 years.

Apple also launched a new Apple account card that lets you shop everything at Apple if you’re in the ‘ecosystem’. And lastly, for confirmed occurrences, the iPod is no longer available on Apple’s website.

Coming to speculations, the biggest one so far is that Apple is planning to move production out of China. The move is apparently because of the stringent COVID norms hampering production.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a reliable Apple source, also validated the move and added that Apple will release the AirPods Pro 2 this year, and it’ll be the first Apple product mass-produced outside China.

Rumors about the iPhone 14 are also rampant. One says that Apple is ditching BOE, its Chinese display partner in favor of a Korean company. Another says iPhone 14’s selfie camera will be Korean-made, and it’ll cost 3 times more than the current one.

The Eighth weekly tech news roundup- What else?

Ukrainian Soldiers Are Using Modified E-Bikes To Carry Anti-Tank Weapons
Ukrainian soldiers use modified e-bikes as anti-tank cannons.

This weekly tech news roundup also has some cool news that can’t be otherwise segmented. For instance, Ukrainian soldiers are using modified e-bikes to bust Russian tanks. Where do you fit that? Then there’s YouTube’s removal of over 70,000 Russia-Ukraine-related videos.

Stanford is researching on blood magnets to detect allergies, while Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is getting sued again for Facebook’s sins. When it comes to getting sued, Twitter, as well as its new owner, are both getting sued by the government and shareholders respectively.

However, Meta’s prodigy, Instagram, received a visual overhaul, and so did Proton and all related apps, so there’s something new to look forward to.

If you’re into privacy, this may come as a shock, but DuckDuckGo has been allowing some Microsoft trackers to track you.

Lastly, this weekly tech news roundup wraps up with Google, releasing a formatting update for Docs, and allowing us to use copy-paste shortcuts on Drive. As insignificant as it may sound, these are important features.

That’s all for this week. Have a happy weekend!

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Manik Berry

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