The Earthquake Safety Bed Would Help You Sleep Through An Earthquake

Thanks to this bed, the couch potatoes will survive.

earthquake safety bed
Image: Dahir Insaat

Earthquakes are one of the most dangerous natural calamities in the world. What doubles the risk of losses during an earthquake is the fact that we can’t predict it in advance strike unlike how we can predict a tsunami or volcanic eruption.

A particularly scary situation would be if an earthquake strikes an area when the residents are asleep. In that case, it would take time for people to respond to the circumstances and take safety measures. Keeping this in mind, Turkey-based engineering firm Dahir Insaat came up with the Earthquake Safety Bed. This innovative piece of advanced furniture can save your life in the event of a major earthquake.

When this special kind of bed detects tremors, it transforms into sort of a survival bunker to protect you from injuries. To see the anti-earthquake bed in action, watch the video below.

Earthquake Safety Bed: Working and features

The Earthquake Safety Bed comes equipped with vibration sensors that pick up the early tremors of an earthquake. As soon as they come into play, the bed transforms, like a convertible car, into a compact bunker and puts the user inside this safe space. This transformation process is akin to the closing of a box lid.

Additionally, there are sensors that detect any object blocking the transformation and abort the process as long as the object is there. This is very crucial to avoid the bed’s lid closing incorrectly and possibly hurting the user.

During an earthquake, it is normal for objects to fall over. To make sure the bed stays intact under the debris, its frame is built from a tough material such as metal pipes or carbon pipes (depending on the variant).

In case the incident causes a fire, the bed can still stay unscathed as it comprises a non-flammable frame. Even the high temperature on the outside would get nullified, thanks to the frame’s heat-resistant material.

earthquake safety bed normal and transformed looks
Left: The default form of the bed. Right: The form it takes during an earthquake. (Image: Dahir Insaat)

While inside the Earthquake Safety Bed, the user can choose to open its air vents for sufficient airflow when there is no imminent danger from smoke. There is also enough space to store various supplies inside the bed’s frame in advance, including food, water, first-aid kit, gas masks, etc. Moreover, the bed’s frame can be marked with distress symbols or fitted with a radio beacon to attract the attention of rescue teams.

Price and feasibility of the anti-earthquake bed

According to Dahir Insaat, the price for an Earthquake Safety Bed varies based on which variant you want. However, to give you an idea, a standard steel frame version would cost around 3000 USD.

On paper, this bed definitely looks like an innovative creation that can prove really useful in earthquake-prone zones. However, there are critics that have described the product as impractical and claustrophobic.

Tell us your opinion about the Earthquake Safety Bed in the comments below. Also, if you’re interested make sure to check out this pen that can draw anything in mid-air.

Priye Rai

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