You Can Now Anonymously Ask Questions In Google Meet

It will increase participation among attendees!

You Can Now Anonymously Ask Questions In Google Meet
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With the recent increase in usage, Google is constantly adding new features to Google Meet. Now, Google has announced a new feature that allows participants to ask and answer questions anonymously on Google Meet.

According to the company, this new feature encourages greater participation from attendees that prefer to be anonymous. Furthermore, you can now respond to a poll or ask questions, and the details will be hidden from other participants.

Ask anonymous questions on Google Meet

There are many instances in an online classroom or an official meeting where everyone goes silent regarding a particular topic. Although you have thoughtful insights, you still hesitate to speak up or ask questions. Sounds familiar?

However, this is soon going to change. In Google Meet, participants will now have the option to ask questions and answer polls anonymously. According to Google’s Blog, this specific feature, particularly on large calls, is highly requested. “The ability to ask questions and answer polls anonymously has been a top request from our users,” the company wrote.

As per the blog, meeting participants who choose to remain anonymous may participate more when given the option. Additionally, if a meeting is open to the public, this can aid in protecting privacy.

How does it work?

Firstly, meeting hosts can turn off anonymous questions as they are allowed by default. You can find it under Meeting Activities > Allow Questions in Q&A > Allow Anonymous questions. Although anonymous polls are disabled by default but can be enabled using a toggle switch( Image Below)

You Can Now Anonymously Ask Questions In Google Meet
Image: Google

Once a user answers a poll or posts a question anonymously, the relevant information is kept private from other attendees, the meeting hosts, and the Google Workspace Admin. However, Google retains the poll responses and even your anonymous questions. “This data is later anonymized or deleted,” said the blog post.

A meeting moderator can create polls for participants to vote on. And a report of the poll results is automatically sent to the moderator via email following the meeting.

How to create a poll

  • In a meeting, click Activities and navigate to Polls.
  • Click Start a poll.
  • Enter your question and additional options for the poll.
  • Choose one:
    • To post your poll, click Launch.
    • To save your poll to launch it later, click Save.

How to moderate a poll

  • In a meeting, click Activities and navigate to ‘Polls.’
  • To let attendees see a poll’s results, next to “Show everyone the results,” click Switch on.
  • For closing a poll and stopping responses, click End the poll.
  • To delete a poll from your list of polls, click “Delete.”

The feature is gradually rolling out, starting July 19, and can take up to 15 days to be visible. What are your thoughts on the Google Meet update? Comment down below.

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