Andy Rubin’s Essential Working On AI Phone That Can Text And Send Emails For You


Android creator Andy Rubin is reportedly working on a new kind of phone that will mimic user behavior and automatically respond to their messages on their behalf.

The new device won’t be anything like a standard smartphone design. It would come with a small screen that would provide a UI for users to interact with the device and the tasks would be done mainly by using voice commands.

Rubin’s company Essential is currently making a specialized artificial-intelligence software for this device. This AI would be able to respond to emails and text messages on its own and book appointments for you. The device will also be able to make phone calls as well.

The concept of this AI phone sounds futuristic and inspired from sci-fi movies, and Andy Rubin says he wants “capture people’s imagination with a product that’s truly different from alternatives.”

He says the phone will be a “virtual version” of users that can “do things on your behalf” without even touching while they go about enjoying life or having dinner. It might also help in solving “part of the (smartphone) addictive behavior.”

Given that Essential hasn’t been performing well in the market and has received several setbacks in recent times. Months ago the company canceled a smartphone that was under development “because the product is too similar to others on the market.” There were reports of a home speaker in the making but it was canceled as well.

Rubin has already achieved one of the biggest feats by the laying the foundation of the modern smartphone business with Android. With the new AI-based gadget, he hopes to accomplish it for the second time.

The first prototype of this phone is expected by the end of this year, and Essential has plans of presenting the device to industry partners at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas by January.

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