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android-spy-phone-appIn this security concerned new age, there isn’t anything as such privacy anymore. Each day new revelations regarding the password breaches by hackers and government surveillances are made. Amid all this confusion and Snowden’s claim that the government is watching every aspect of your personal life, there is a rise of the apps and software that are being used to spy on your spouse. According to a study, the number of spy phone apps is increasing exponentially on Android Play Store and Apple Store.

These apps lie in a gray area where moral and legal obligations colloid. But at the same time, these apps could be used to have some healthy fun or play pranks on your friends. There are numerous spy phone apps available but here I am going to tell you about the best one. This spy phone app will let you stream the content of your phone camera on your PC, thus making your phone a spy camera.

The app I am going to describe ahead is named Camera Stream and is available on Google Play Store. Even though this spy phone app doesn’t provide you a high-quality HD video feed, but it is pretty handy and useful. Read the following simple steps to know more about the app and its working.

Step 1:

First you need to download and install the Camera Stream app on your Android phone.

Camera Stream: Spy Phone App


Step 2:

Once Camera stream app is installed in your phone you need to connect it to a WiFi network. A connection to WiFi network is required to assign an IP address to your Android phone.


Step 3:

Now open the Camera Stream app, you will be seeing three option there. Now head to the Settings.  You can change the port number from here, but I’ll recommend you to leave it the same by default. You can set the Username and password according to your choice to secure the stream. Also, you can switch off/on flashlight from here to get a clear stream at night.spy-phone-app(2)

Step 4: 

Now connect your Computer or Smartphone to the same WiFi network to which your phone is already connected and enter the URL (available at top) in your browser to watch the stream with the help of this spy phone app.


Now put your smartphone to someplace where you want to spy and you are good to go. Although the video quality is not that great but is satisfactory as this spy phone app is free.

Caution: Don’t use this spy phone app for illegal activities.

Arpit Verma

Arpit Verma

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