Android 10 official name

Android enthusiasts have been trying to jot down names of dessert starting with Q — which could have been the upcoming Android OS’s name. However, this time Google has decided to desert desserts and officially name Android Q as Android 10.

Breaking the 10-year legacy of naming new Android versions after desserts, Google has decided to keep things simpler by naming them as Android 10, Android 11 and so on.

In a blog post, the company said that “we’ve heard feedback over the years that the names weren’t always understood by everyone in the global community.”

For instance, L and R don’t have a distinguishable pronunciation in some languages. So it’s not immediately obvious for some people that Android Lollipop came after KitKat.

Besides, some names of previous Android versions like Pie and Marshmallow aren’t considered a dessert in several places and might not be popular as well.

In other words, the dessert names were fun but not always relatable to users. While the new naming system sounds much less delicious and fun, Google says that it will serve the purpose by making Android names “clear and relatable for everyone in the world.”

In addition to changing the naming system, Google has also updated the official Android logo. The Android text has been changed from green to black to make it easier to read.

New Android logo

The font has also been changed and the new logo now comes with a closeup of the Android robot with a new shade of green.

What do you think of the new Android name and logo? Did you like it? Feel free to drop your thoughts and stay tuned to Fossbytes for latest updates on Android 10.

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