Android Q Might Finally Bring A System-Wide Dark Mode


The much-requested request system-wide Dark Mode on Android might finally be implemented on Android Q.

A previous beta of early Android Pie did raise our hopes but it left us disappointed at the end. However, it doesn’t seem to be the case this time as there is strong evidence supporting it.

As spotted by Android Police, a comment left by Googler Lukasz Zbylut in the Chromium bug tracker discusses the implementation of dark mode on Android.

In the specific comment, Zbylut points out to Chrome team to note that they should add a dark mode toggle to the browser, as well as modify the app as a whole to reflect a dark theme.


It is worth noting that he didn’t mention anything about modifying web pages to reflect the dark theme. It also establishes the fact that Google wants to make sure that all pre-loaded apps get a dark mode by May 2019.

Now that’s roughly the time when Google releases the first developer preview of its new Android version. So, delivering a dark mode in the first Android Q preview makes complete sense.

This setting, apparently, would be placed in Settings -> Display -> Dark Mode.

However, you should note that commit dates back to October 2018. Now whether it makes the revelation less exciting or trustworthy remains yet to be seen.

A full-fledged dark mode on Android is something many of us have wanted for years, and after the number of updates in the recent months, we can’t wait for the next I/O!

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