Android Q Will Allow Carriers To SIM Lock Your Smartphone


Android Q is the talk of the town these days despite the fact that a majority of the smartphone users are still running Android Oreo.

Last week, a leaked Android Q code revealed that we could expect a system-wide dark mode and improved permissions. However, the first bad news of the upcoming Android version has arrived this morning.

As reported by 9to5Google, Android code has four commits titled “Carrier restriction enhancements for Android Q.” The code suggests that carriers will have more power and different ways to SIM lock phones.

Allowed Networks List By Carriers

The carriers will be allowed to provide a list of allowed and blocked carriers. This will enable them to prevent you from using data plans of their rival carriers. Moreover, the carriers will also be able to block MVNOs running on the same tower while accepting SIM card from the primary carrier.

No Workaround For Dual-SIM Phones

As compared to Android Pie in which carriers can place global SIM locks on dual-SIM smartphones, the next version of Android will allow carriers to set a list of allowed carriers for each SIM slot. This could mean that a carrier can lock down your second SIM slot if you are not using an approved SIM card in the first slot.

These extra powers to carriers are a bit too much and could be exploited by the carrier companies. However, you can always save yourself the trouble and bypass restrictions by purchasing unlocked phones. Users in the US, who usually buy carrier locked smartphones because of convenient prices, will be affected by these Android Q features.

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Anmol Sachdeva

Anmol Sachdeva

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