Android P Beta 2 Released With Final APIs, 157 New Emojis And More


For the ones eagerly waiting for the next major Android, Google has released the Android P Beta 2 preview update. The latest release is shipped with the official SDK and final APIs for the API level 28.

In terms of features, the third developer preview brings just a handful of new additions. The Adaptive Battery feature, co-developed with DeepMind, uses machine learning to prioritize system apps according to the user’s habits.

Another machine learning-powered feature is App Actions, based on the apps’ context and semantics, make them more visible in places like Google Search, Assistant, etc. Slices, complimenting app actions, are UI templates with rich content that are displayed in Google Search and other areas like Google Assistant.

Beefing up the security, Android P now throws a system-managed dialog for biometric authentication (fingerprint, face, and Iris) on the device. Third-party developers don’t need to create a separate dialog; instead, they can use the BiometricPrompt API.

Now, third-party messaging apps also support smart replies and images in notifications. Developers can use the new multi-camera API to simultaneously fetch video streams from two or more physical cameras and give effects like seamless zoom, bokeh, and stereo vision.

For emoji fans, Android P preview release comes with 157 new emojis. These include a cold face, hot face, gender-neutral, and emojis of people with different hair types.

How to get Android P Beta 2 on your phone?

If you’re already running Beta one on your Pixel devices, an OTA could land on your device anytime. In case your device is not enrolled in the Android Beta program, you can do it here.

With Android P, Google also opened the preview updates to non-Google devices including selected one from OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc. Visit this link to get the Android P beta for your compatible device.

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Aditya Tiwari

Aditya Tiwari

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