Android On The Nintendo Switch: Coming Soon!


The Nintendo Switch has been well received in the market and has sold well over 20 million units since its release in 2017. The unique selling point of the device is the versatility it offers to gamers. The device can be either plugged into a TV or used as a portable gaming device. Shipped with Nintendos custom software, the Switch has a well-designed UI that is both snappy and intuitive.

Last year, hackers had figured out a way to run GNU/Linux-based software on the device. At present two developers, Max Keller and Billy Laws are working on ways to port Android onto the device. The two have figured out a method to run a buggy version of the latest Android OS on the device. By switching to Android, users will be able to access the same games at cheaper prices.

As of Feb 24th, the device boots the operating system and connects to both WiFi and Bluetooth. There is a lot of work that is yet to be done including USB support, GPU drivers, Joy-Con controller support, Audio, etc., which may be resolved in the near future.

It is far easier to just buy a new Android tablet but if you are already using a switch device and wish to use Android, a solution might just be around the corner.

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