Here’s What Nintendo Switch Running On Android Looks Like!

Nintendo Switch Android build
XDA Developers

Android running on the Nintendo Switch is not entirely new as many mods have appeared previously who have managed to run Android on the gaming console. However, most mods run only the bare-bones version of it and now it seems that a full-fledged version of Android is landing on Nintendo Switch.

People at XDA Developers have tried their hands on a Nintendo Switch Android build released by ByLaws. It runs from microSD and comes with a dock and Joycon support.

One of the most exciting things about running Android directly from a memory card is that Nintendo cannot ban you from using its services as you are meddling with the Switch’s components.

Nintendo Switch Android
XDA Developers

This Android build also supports Nintendo-Joy-Cons so that you can play games and navigate system UI using them. However, the support for Joy-Cons is not as seamless according to the team at XDA Developers as PUBG didn’t work with Joycons.

Another positive thing about Nintendo Switch running on Android is that it turns your Switch console into a tablet so you can also consume media content on it. Most of the apps available on the Google Play Store are supported so you can watch Netflix and YouTube videos easily.

Nintendo Switch running on Android
XDA Developers

However, this is just an initial release and there are many glitches present on it currently. But you can expect a smooth update when the developer releases it for the general public. There is no exact date for its release but we’ll update it whenever it is available.

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