How To Master Ethical Hacking And Pen-testing Using Your Android Phone?


With a shift from desktop to mobile computing, Android has established itself as one of the most important platforms for developers and users. This paramount change has also made Android a primary penetration testing tool. In such a scenario, learning the subtleties of ethical hacking from the scratch with the help of a quality Android pen-testing online course can be very useful.

Here, I’m talking about “Hacking/Penetration Testing Using Android From Scratch” course, which is available at Fossbytes Academy. This course lets you get a complete, 24×7 access to 47 lectures that help you learn the basics and make a move towards an advanced level.

This Android hacking course will teach you how to install Kali Linux and NetHunter on your Android phone and perform different tests. In no time, you’ll be gathering information from WiFi networks around you and “learn by doing.”

Some other talking points of this Android hacking course, which is available at 74% discount, are:

  • Information gathering
  • MITM (Bad USB, ARP Poisoning, Honey Pot)
  • Using Metasploit Meterpreter
  • Creating backdoor
  • Rubber Ducky Scripts
  • Reverse Linux Shell
  • Malicious file detection

You can go ahead and get this “Hacking/Penetration Testing Using Android From Scratch” for $23 from Fossbytes Academy. Please note that this special discounted price is only valid for a limited period.

Good Luck! :)

Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

Fossbytes co-founder and an aspiring entrepreneur who keeps a close eye on open source, tech giants, and security. Get in touch with him by sending an email — [email protected]
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