This Is The Dessert Name Of Android 14 “U”

Android 14 dessert Name is here.

Android 14 Codename
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Google is all set to roll out the public beta of Android 13. While we’re waiting for Android 13, Google’s team has already started working on Android 14.

Initial information about Android 14 has appeared on Android Gerrit, where all the changes to the AOSP code (Android Open-Source Project) are displayed. Android 14’s codename has been found inside the Gerrit, and as per the same, the next Android version will be called drums rolling… “Upside Down Cake.” If you were wondering, the dessert “Upside down cake” actually exists.

Android 14 “U” Dessert Name

Android 14, AKA Android U, will be internally called Upside Down Cake. Upside down cakes are baked upside down in a pan, hence the name. If you’re interested in knowing the dessert names of all Android versions released to date, read our “What is my Android version” article.

If you’ve been following Android news, you may know that Android 9 was the last Android update named after a dessert (Pie). Google stopped using the dessert name publically. However, Google internally still uses dessert names for Android versions.

On that note, Android 10’s internal codename was Queek Cake. Android 11 was called Red Velvet Cake, and Android 12 name was Snow Cone. Finally, Android 13 will be called Tiramisu.

Google has no plans to start naming Android versions as desserts, as Android 14 will be called, well, Android 14. Other than the codename, there is not much known about Android 14. For now, we should keep our eyes on Android 13 and the many features it’s rumored to bring.

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