Android 12 Guide

Android 12 is the latest iteration of Google’s mobile operating system. It brings major UI redesign and most awaited features that make it one of the biggest Android updates yet. The inclusion of Material You allows your device to adapt to colors from the wallpaper you choose and optimize the UI, making you feel like you truly own your device.

Latest On Android 12

Installation And Setup:

Find cherry-picked instructions on setting up Android 12, get to know about the new features in the OS to make the most out of your Android 12-powered smartphone.

Supported Devices:

Find the list of devices from different manufacturers like Samsung, Nokia, OnePlus, etc. that are going to receive the Android 12 update.

Customization Tips

Customizations are one of the strongest points of owning an Android device, and Android 12 truly embraces the same. Learn about the basics of Material You and other new customizable UI elements in this section.


Don’t understand any of the new and flashy terms or features in Android 12? Fret not! We’re here to help with our series of explainer articles.

Tips & Tricks:

Enhance the user experience on your Android 12 device using some of our home-brewed tips and tricks articles. These let get familiar with the new toggles and settings.