Andor Season 2 Time Jumps Explained By Series Creator

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The Disney+ series follows Diego Luna’s Cassian Andor during the early days of the Rebel’s fight against the Galactic Empire. Following an incident that forces him to flee his adoptive home, Cassian attracts the attention of Rebel agent Luthen Rael. And this leads to Cassian becoming involved in a number of events. It not only gives him insight into the Empire’s true tyranny, but marks some of the first instances of Rebellion against the Imperial regime.

Andor season 2 time jumps explained

Now. in an interview with Deadline, Gilroy discussed how season 2 will handle time jumps that will ultimately cause Andor to directly lead into Rogue One’s events. According to the creator, season 2 will begin with Cassian one year after the events of the Ferrix rebellion. Later episodes would feature timeslips that range in length from a few days to as much as a year. He said:

“So, when we come back for our second half, it’ll be a year later. An entire year will have gone on. All kinds of things will have happened, and we’ll pick up the show; sometimes we’ll do a week, we’ll do three days, we’ll do four days, whatever, and then we’ll drop a year in between.”

Season 2 of Andor will explore events that occurred over a period of 4 years. Beginning in Before the Battle of Yavin(BBY) and directly influencing the events of the original trilogy prequel, as opposed to season 1’s narrative, it will focus on a series of closely related events that culminated in the Ferrix uprising in the season finale.

The presence of time jumps may therefore remind viewers of the controversial time jumps in House of the Dragon, which saw several actors playing the same characters as they aged while exploring 19 years of history over 10 episodes in season 1 of the Game of Thrones prequel. These time leaps made it possible for House of the Dragon season 1 to deliver a condensed story. However, several fans complained that this made it difficult to develop a connection with the cast and that numerous potential turning points were left out.

Some viewers may worry that Andor season 2 will have problems because of its own time jumps and similar structure to House of the Dragon season 1 because it has to cover events like the Rebel Alliance’s subsequent formation and Cassian’s first encounter with Alan Turdyk’s K-2SO. Due to needing to cover a shorter time period, Andor season 2 could be able to avoid encountering the same criticisms. This will allow the show to not only condense fewer events into 12 episodes but also prevent the need to recast any of its main characters.

While we wait for more updates on season 2, stream all episodes on Andor season 1 on Disney+.

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