AMD’s New “Dynamic Local Mode” Brings Up To 50% Performance Boost

amd dynamic local mode 1
Images: AMD

With Intel struggling to maintain the demand and address its manufacturing challenges, AMD has been responding well to the opportunity. With the Ryzen processors, the company has been able to offer some real competition to Intel.

Just recently, the company shared information regarding a new feature named Dynamic Local Mode. This new software automatically migrates the most demanding applicating threads to the CPU cores with local memory access.

As a result, the apps that prefer access to local DRAM can take advantage of the same and get the performance boost.

The Dynamic Local Mode is implemented as a Windows 10 background service that performs the job of calculating how much CPU time each thread is consuming. Using this data, the most demanding threads are identified and they get direct memory access.

In internal testing of AMD, the applications were able to record a performance boost of up to ~47% with Dynamic Local Mode enabled. You can see the results in the chart below —

amd dynamic local mode

In case you don’t wish to disable the feature, you can do so by disabling the Windows service; an option to toggle the feature is also present in AMD Ryzen Master.

This new free feature is made for AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990WX and 2970WX processors; only AMD Threadripper chips have a mixed memory access design.

Starting from October 29th, the Dynamic Local Mode will be included with the new versions of AMD Ryzen Master; it’ll also be soon available as a default package in AMD Chipset Drivers.

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