AMD Ryzen Mobile Drivers Finally Get An Official Support


In the last two years, AMD has established itself as one of the best processor manufacturers with its Ryzen series. But on the other hand, AMD Ryzen GPU series went overlooked for a long time.

Back in 2017, AMD released its Ryzen Mobile APU to compete with the Nvidia GPU’s on laptops. But the company never put out official driver support, forcing users to rely on half-cooked drivers software by laptop manufacturers.

AMD promised to fix the problem back in CES 2019. Today, the company has officially unveiled the drivers for its Raven Ridge-based mobile APUs.

AMD says that installing the drivers will add a 10% performance boost in gaming. Moreover, the eSports gaming titles will see a whopping 17% performance increment.

Apart from this, the update will also bring a few bug fixes, changes in the user interface and more. This time, the drivers are not available through the Microsoft update and users will have to manually download them from the official Ryzen website.

The download package also includes AMD’s Radeon software that will enable users to tweak graphics settings and receive information on new driver updates.

AMD also mentions that Dirt Rally 2 will have up to 3% of performance gains. It seems like the new driver update will finally save users from the low frame-rate on the supported laptops.

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Charanjeet Singh

Charanjeet Singh

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