AMD Is Giving Free Processors To Users Facing Firmware Issues–Here’s How To Get Yours


Whenever a new lineup of processors is launched in the market, some users end up facing unexpected CPU-motherboard compatibility issue. As many motherboards don’t support updating firmware without working CPU, users are left with an inconvenient option of updating firmware using some other supported CPU before the final step.

The same is happening in case of AMD’s brand new Ryzen + Vega APU chips. These affordable and power-efficient chips are compatible with socket AM4 motherboards, but one needs to update motherboard firmware to run the new chips.

To make things easier and eradicate the hassle of performing the update, AMD is ready to send you a boot kit. This kit consists of everything you’ll need to get your system up and running. To be precise, it as a dual-core A6-9500 APU–the slowest and cheapest processor that AMD offers

“This solution is offered through AMD warranty services and is available only for affected and qualified users of this specific boot up issue.  This boot kit is free of charge,” the support page states. After visiting the support page, you need to request the book kit and fill all the relevant details.

After updating the firmware, you’re required to return the chip to AMD. Surprisingly, AMD doesn’t need the heatsink that shipped with APU. These chips could even be surplus or old stock that would end up being written off in near future. Whatever might be the case, it’s pleasant to see AMD making efforts to become a more user-friendly company.

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