How An Ambulance Makes The Most Of Its Road Privileges

For an ambulance, every second counts.

ambulance road privileges

When there’s a medical emergency , the role of an ambulance becomes about as crucial as that of the doctors. These life-saving vehicles, equipped with a blaring siren, could be the difference between life and death.

Keeping in mind this urgency, ambulances are granted certain road privileges to use during serious cases. These special powers help the ambulance take patients to the hospital as quickly as possible.

To make the most of these privileges, an ambulance needs a driver of the right caliber. Such a driver should be able to navigate through tight spaces and take sharp turns without risking the passengers’ safety. Here’s a video that shows how adept ambulance drivers make their way through traffic.

Which road privileges does an ambulance have?

The special permissions given to an ambulance could vary from one country to another. For instance, in India, an ambulance gets some very important privileges for bypassing traffic and other obstacles on its way. More precisely, an ambulance can skip any traffic signal when there is an opportunity to do it safely and when time is of the essence.

Moreover, Indian ambulance drivers can drive on the wrong side of the road in order to avoid traffic as well. During a traffic stoppage due to VIP activity, the ambulance can still pass through regardless. Additionally, there is a fine for those vehicles that block the passage of an ambulance.

Evolution of an ambulance over the years

Ever since the time when carts transported patients to the doctor, ambulances have evolved drastically and become their most resourceful form yet. Modern ambulances feature a mobile intensive care unit (MICU) fitted with equipment and tools, such as a defibrillator, a ventilator, a stretcher, needles, medicines, and more.

ambulance interior
The interior of an ambulance. (Image:

Apart from the MICU, today’s ambulances may come with a two-way radio that allows the ambulance team to be in constant touch with the hospital. The vehicle can also be equipped with trauma lighting, CCTV cameras, air conditioning, etc.

While a semi-truck is the most common form of an ambulance, there are several other types of vehicles used for the same purpose. This fleet of emergency vehicles can include a bicycle, a motorcycle, a boat, a fixed-wing aircraft, an ATV, and even a golf cart.

There’s no doubt that ambulances have played a huge role in saving countless lives for a very long time. Thanks to the technological status quo, these vehicles are way more advanced than we could’ve possibly imagined decades ago. This high-end tech certainly helps an ambulance best use its road privileges for the patient’s benefit.

Similar to the medics, firefighters also save numerous lives every year. Check out these amazing firefighting equipment they use.

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