Are Amazon’s High-Tech Warehouse Robot Outdated?

Some operations need a revamp!


When it comes to implementing good logistical practices and embedding new technologies, e-commerce giants are always looking for something new and advanced considering the time constraints, which is very important in the sector.

Unfortunately, Amazon is a step behind some other leaders in logistics and warehouse operations. A recently published innovation blog from the tech giant highlighted some of the advanced robotic technologies that it has been working on. 

These technologies included mobile robots in the warehouse space for easy transit and movement. Many other companies then followed the same track due to Amazon’s reputation and its cruising ability to succeed.

Where does Amazon Stand?

Comparing the capabilities of robots from Amazon with the other ones in different warehouses was substantially on the following scale with outdated methods. For your reference, we will show the three robots used by amazon at present:


“Bert” is one of Amazon’s first Autonomous Mobile Robots, or AMRs. Historically, it’s not easy to incorporate robotics into our facilities where people and robots work in the same physical space.


Kermit is an AGC (Autonomously Guided Cart) focused on moving empty totes from one location to another within our facilities to get empty totes back to the starting line. 


The video references may all sound fair and efficient, but the market scenario is just the opposite, with more capable robots already being deployed in the sector. Experts have also claimed that Amazon’s technology is nothing new and is almost 2 years outdated.

With a huge budget in R&D, why isn’t Amazon working accordingly for its logistical operations? It clearly has the potential and has been analyzed years before.

The blog clearly doesn’t say much about the happenings, but more is expected when it comes to companies’ productivity and efficiency.

The company still claims that productivity, safety, and efficiency are the major concerns. Let’s hope that the company thinks seriously about deploying new, updated, and resourceful robots.

Source: IEEE Spectrum

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