Amazon’s Upcoming Smart Fridge Could Help You Refill Itself

The fridge can know if you have enough food for dinner.

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Amazon is reportedly working on kitchen appliances, bringing technology from its Amazon Go stores. As per Insider, the company has a smart fridge in the works that can track what’s inside it. Amazon calls it “Project Pulse” internally.

As one would expect a smart fridge to do, it “is designed to track your inventory and purchase habits, predict what you want, and have it delivered,” according to Insider. With scalability, the smart fridge could also offer features like tracking expiration dates and suggesting recipes.

Alexa, is there enough chicken for a salad?

Smart fridges aren’t new, we’ve had smart refrigerators from LG, Samsung, and more for a while now. These fridges too, could track food, have a digital assistant connection like Bixby. Above all, they could even order food. But then what special quality will Amazon’s fridge have? For instance, these refrigerators would be useful for Amazon’s existing vast network of its Amazon Go stores where computer vision identifies items already.

According to further information from Insider, Amazon won’t be making the fridges on its own. It’s more likely that the company partners with other manufacturers and known appliance-makers who would provide the required tech.

Moreover, Amazon could easily have an advantage over other brands if it gets the “smart” part right. With its experience in AI and smart tech using Alexa, Amazon’s smart fridge could ace the game. Alexa integration already exists in various devices including phones, smart speakers, smart lighting, and whatnot. With the right move, Amazon is on its way to creating a stable ecosystem.

However, it’s not certain that we’ll ever see a smart fridge made by Amazon. The tech giant has enough resources to conduct experiments, and Amazon has a history of creating hit-or-miss creations. An Amazon spokesperson denied commenting on these speculations to The Verge, so take this news with a grain of salt.

Siddharth Dudeja

Siddharth Dudeja

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