Amazon Levels Up The Prime Video Design Game: New Home, Menus, And More

Navigation will become more seamless now!

Amazon Prime Video UI revamp
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Amazon Prime Video is a top-rated video streaming platform with over 170 million users. Now, the company has decided to level up its design game and intends to introduce a new prime video interface for streaming various devices, including Smart TVs and Android devices.

It discards the text-based tabs at the top for more icon-based navigation choices on the side and also features a dedicated account for sports on the home page to provide live and pre-recorded content. The re-design will feature a bigger carousel for the Amazon originals with a maturity rating and the top 10 charts for titles.

Amazon Prime Video New features

The new home screen will offer a new navigation menu at the side with different icons for Home, Find, and Store for renting and buying titles or channel subscriptions. Live TV is also provided to view the content of the channel you have subscribed to, along with Amazon’s FreeVee services (free with ads) and the My Stuff section to find your purchases and watch lists.

The Prime video’s navigation menu changes resemble the Fire TV interface, which adapts to the icons instead of the text for tabs that Amazon launched last month. The re-design by the company will roll out to the customer this week globally via the app on the TV streaming devices, including the Android app, Fire TV as iOS, and web interface updates will follow suit.

The company, in a pre-written statement, said, “We are re-designing the Prime Video experience to highlight our broad selection of content and to make it easier for customers to find the content they love,”

Amazon also incorporates four new sub-navigation options under a bigger banner carousel on the home screen called All, Movies, TV Shows, and Sports to locate the content in the particular categories conveniently. The home page now also displays bigger carousels with the trailers for Prime originals, a top 10 chart for the region, and a carousel to quickly find the current subscriptions of the user.

The home menu will also display the title suggestions, and you can filter out the recommendations by genres, categories, and titles available in 4K. The sports tab will let users find live sports, replays, highlights, and documentaries.

The company has also updated the Live TV design with the channel guide interface (available by default), so users can instantly switch to the subscribed channels and their content.

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