Both Amazon Music & Spotify Are Giving 90-Day Free Music Trials

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Amazon Music isn’t close to the likes of Spotify or Apple Music in terms of the user base. But it is still a befitting option, especially if you use any Amazon Echo device. The price of Amazon Music Unlimited is $9.99 per month but the company just announced an offer. Amazon is now offering a 90-day trial for its music streaming service which you can enjoy for absolutely free.

How to get Amazon Music Unlimited Free For 3 Months

The primary condition is that you shouldn’t be an existing subscriber of Amazon Music Unlimited. You will have to purchase an item from Amazon which is eligible for this offer. It must be sold and shipped by the official Amazon website.

Moreover, you can also purchase any of the digital services offered by the e-commerce giant. It includes membership for Amazon Prime, Prime Video, Kindle Unlimited, etc, or if you register an eligible device in the Alexa app. So, you have to make a purchase first to become eligible for the offer.

Next, you will receive an e-mail from Amazon with instructions on how to redeem the Amazon Music Unlimited offer. Make note that you have only 30-days to redeem the offer. After that, it will expire and you will have to purchase Amazon Music Unlimited at the normal price. Moreover, after the 90-day free trial, you will be charged $9.99 per month for using the service.

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Spotify 90 days free music trial

Spotify is also offering a 90-day free trial right now just like Amazon. Here also the user must not be an existing subscriber of a premium plan. The offer validity ends on 11 September 2022. So, if you want to experience Spotify in all its glory, now is the time to grab it for free.

If you compare the pricing of both these services, the rates are almost identical. Individual plans of both Spotify and Amazon Music Unlimited cost $9.99 per month. The rates of the family plan are also the same. Both services offer an economical student plan as well. The only difference is that you have to be a Prime member to buy the Amazon Music Unlimited family plan.

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