Amazon Launches its Aurora Database Engine to Take on MySQL


amazon-aurora-databaseShort Bytes: Amazon has announced the general availability of Amazon Aurora database engine- its MySQL-compatible database engine. The company says that it brings 5-times better performance, availability, and simplicity at one-tenth cost of the commercial databases.

Amazon Web Services Inc., am company, today announced that its MySQL-compatible database engine Amazon Aurora is now available to all customers. Aurora database engine aims to combine the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of open source databases with the availability and speed of costly commercial databases.

Amazon Aurora database engine was launched back in November as a preview and is now available to all customers. According to Amazon, more than a thousand customers participated in the preview testing, and they observed about 5 times better performance than typical MySQL database. The preview users included individuals, global enterprises of various fields, and startups. According to a statement, FacialNetwork, Intuit, Kurt Geiger, and Coursera has been using Amazon Aurora database engine. Try it here:

It is compatible with the existing MySQL and MariaDB databases, and it can power the pre-existing RDS (relational Database Service). Increasing the performance of RDS, Amazon Aurora database engine supports 6 million inserts per minute and about 30 million selects per minutes. While using RDS, people users can also call on Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Microsoft SQL Server as database engines.

When customers choose an affordable or open source alternative, they miss the high performance and critical availability. Amazon is providing these services at about the one-tenth cost of the commercial databases. During the preview, customers have also found that Amazon Aurora database engine is scalable, durable, and reliable to support and power the most demanding applications.

Matt Wood, Amazon Web Services GM for product strategy, said that Amazon recommends for the majority of workloads. Recommending Amazon Aurora database engine for database use, they expect the customers to use Aurora as their first choice.

Amazon promises 99.99 percent availability with Amazon Aurora database engine. It can detect failures automatically and recover from them without rebuilding database cache.

Woods added that customers don’t have to worry about all the fuss that comes with scaling as Amazon Aurora database engine is a combination of intelligence and power.

Which database engine do you use? Share your answers with us in comments below.

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