Amazon Launches AWS Device Farm, Now Test Your Apps on Real Devices

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To benefit the hard-working app developers and programmers, Amazon is starting a cloud-based service named AWS Device Farm. AWS Device Farm will help developers to test their applications on real devices i.e. physical cellphones and tablets. For the time being, iOS app testing is not included in AWS Device Farm and this service will be available for Android and Fire OS apps.

According to Amazon, now developers will be able to upload their apps to the cloud and test them on a wide range of commonly used devices for gaining a better insight of the performance. As the tests will be performed, app developers will receive a timely report in minutes regarding the bugs identified, and thus helping them to find fixes.

Getting started with AWS Device Farm is free of cost, and app developers pay as they use it more. If you want to gain more control over tests, AWS Device Farm lets you write down your own custom tests. You can script these tests with the help of popular test frameworks like Calabash, Espresso and Appium.

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Using the app for real takes into account the location, CPU usage, device memory and other modifications made by the manufacturers and carries. Real life testing gives you the ability to make use of gestures and interruptions like calling for a more rigorous testing.


Talking about AWS Device Farm, Marco Argenti, Amazon’s Vice President for AWS said that it could be used along with other pre-existing Amazon services like Amazon API Gateway, AWS Lambda, Amazon Cognito, and Amazon SNS.

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It should be noted that Google announced its own Cloud Test Lab at I/O 2015 few weeks ago.

Just like other Amazon AWS services, Device Farm will offer 250 device minutes testing for free and you’ll have to pay 0.17 per minute per device. There is an option to pay a flat $250 per month for one device.

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