[Update] Amazon Customer Got Rocks Inside PS4, A Shady Bill, With No Refund

Amazon fraud_customer gets rocks in PS4
Image sent by customer

Update (November 11, 2020): Mrs. Juneja told Fossbytes that Amazon Inda has issued a refund for her PlayStation 4 order.

We’ve heard of people receiving soaps instead of phones in the box, but this time it went to a whole new level. A Delhi-based Amazon Prime customer ordered a PlayStation 4 and received the console, with rocks inside it. We received the photographs of the bill along with the PS4 with rocks, and there seems to be more than one blunder here on Amazon’s part.

Mrs. Ruchita Juneja, a Delhi-based customer ordered a PS4 1TB Slim With Spider-Man, GTaSport, Ratchet & Clank, and PSN 3 Month from Amazon Great Indian Festival sale. According to the customer’s, it was a birthday gift for her son. She placed the order on 26 October, received it on 29 October, and opened it a two-day quarantine on 1 November. That’s when they found that the console box looked “broken and open.” We have the entire trail mail from Amazon, which has denied to refund the customer.

Two Bills In One Box

Amazon customer gets rocks in PS4
Amazon customer gets rocks in PS4 console (Image sent by customer)

When the family opened up the box, they found the console with “scratches on the top lid”. The lid “was loose & was stuck by glue gun from one side,” and when they opened it, they “found big marble stones inside.” Not just this, the bill that came with the package is also shady.

In a mail sent to Fossbytes, Mrs. Juneja wrote “If you see the bill it shows some person’s name (from Noida) on top & in the lower part it shows my husband’s name.” We saw the bill and it seems like this was a replacement package that got to her erroneously. The bigger problem here is that Amazon denied her a refund after its “investigation.”

The scanned copy of the bill shows a Noida address on the top, saying that “this is a replacement issued free of cost against the original.” The bottom half of the bill has the details of Mrs. Juneja’s address.

Amazon also received a copy of this bill in the emails she sent to the company, but apparently decided to look the other way. [We’re not uploading the bill as it reveals the addresses and other details of the order.]

In another mail sent to a high-level Amazon official, and forwarded to us, the customer wrote “After being a prime member and regular customer of Amazon, this is something we didn’t expect from an organization that writes — ‘Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company’.”

At the time of writing this story, Amazon’s last mail to the customer was “we regret to inform you that we’d not be able to provide a refund or replacement.”

Things To Do When You Receive A Package:

There are several reports of people receiving stones, soaps, screen guards, and first copies of expensive devices they ordered online. Once you receive a package you ordered online, check the bill then and there.

When you order gadgets from Amazon, the outer bill usually says nothing about what’s in the package but has the correct address details. You can check if it’s your order by cross-referencing the order number you received from Amazon.

Undoubtedly the most important thing here is to make an unboxing video whenever you open the packaging. In cases you receive a damaged product or rocks in your play station, you’ll have a strong case at hand if you have the unboxing video.

Even if you don’t have an unboxing video, timely contacting customer care can sort the issue most of the time. Unfortunately, in this case, it didn’t.

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Manik Berry

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