Alexa Calls Guy “Shithead” After He Cancelled Prime Subscription

Amazon Calls Guy Shithead
Source: The Sun

Since virtual assistants have come to our service, life has been made easier. Along with the ease of doing many things, a virtual assistant’s help can also cause us some trouble and the most recent case proves that virtual assistants are not that smart after all, or otherwise, extra smart.

It is suggested that when Michael Slade, a 29-year old Amazon Echo Dot user, asked Alexa to play some music, he was called a ‘shithead’, which took the poor guy by shock. The exact reply was: “Sure, here’s your playlist Shithead on Amazon music. Sorry, something went wrong.”

One thing worth noting is that Michael claims that he never set up a playlist on his Echo Dot.

While you may be wondering why Alexa got so rude, the reason suggested is that Slade (a day before) had canceled his Amazon Prime subscription, for which he spoke to customer care to get things done.

It seems like Alexa could not handle the fact that a customer was going away, hence, venting it all out (laughs!).

Upon such an encounter, Slade simply could not believe it and talked to the technical team about the indecent incident. Following this, all Michael got was a £5 worth gift voucher as compensation.

To clear things out, Amazon devices come with the ability to customize many settings, even the playlist names. While Michael swears he did nothing to his Echo Dot settings, there is a possibility someone else must have altered it, maybe, for fun.

According to The Sun, the company later provided Michael with a year’s free Amazon Prime subscription and a £250 gift coupon.

Additionally, he was asked to provide his Alexa logs to figure out what the reason behind this could be!

Has your Alexa ever behaved in a funny way like this? Comment below!

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