AirPods ‘Find My’ Feature Is Not Letting Retailers Refurbish AirPods

AirPods 'Find My' Feature is a pain for retailers who refurbish them.

AirPods 'Find My' Feature Is Not Letting Retailers Refurbish AirPods
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Apple AirPods became a major headache for sellers who deal in refurbished products. AirPods ‘Find My’ Feature is causing trouble for resellers dealing with AirPods. The issue seems to affect 8 out of 10 AirPods in a batch and is causing a massive blockage in the sales pipeline.

What is AirPods ‘Find My’ Feature?

AirPods ‘Find My’ Feature lets you locate the earbuds using your iPhone and the integrated Ultrawideband chip. Being a tiny device, AirPods are super easy to misplace and hide behind anything. The feature lets you narrow down your search and finds an accurate location. The feature even plays a sound to help you locate it in tight corners or under a pile of clothes. But this feature is damaging the refurbished Apple products industry.

Why is it difficult to sell refurbished AirPods?

According to a report from Insider, many refurbishers are facing problems moving AirPods due to the ‘Find My’ feature. A refurbisher who works with the tops retailers in the USA said that he was forced to stockpile more than 30,000 AirPods. This huge stockpile is a result of just a few weeks of backlog due to the AirPods ‘Find My’ feature.

AirPods Find My feature
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The AirPods ‘Find My’ feature links each AirPod to the Apple ID of a user. When someone sells their AirPods, they need to unlink their AirPods from their Apple ID. But most owners fail to do so or don’t even know the impact of not unlinking their AirPods.

When someone buys refurbished AirPods that are still liked by the previous owner, they cannot use the Find My feature anymore. It is also privacy-invasive as the owner can still see the location of the AirPods.

It is only possible if the original owner unlinks them. They will get an “AirPods Mismatch” message from the Find My app. It is only after the original owner disconnects it that the new owner can use the location finding feature. It is a perfect example of a feature that introduces difficulties due to the excessive interlinking that the Apple ecosystem offers.

Even if Apple resolves this issue, refurbishing Apple products, especially the AirPods is no joke. Refurbishers complain about intricate components which are almost impossible to repair and reap profit from each unit.

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