“A.I. Will Make Humans Completely Useless” — Warns Bill Gates-approved Historian


ai versus humanShort Bytes: Yuval Noah Harari, a lecturer at the Hebrew University, in one of his books points out how the machines have taken over the human’s physical capabilities and our cognitive capacities will be taken over by the AI in the future. 

If the word 'Intelligence' is associated with the anthropological smarter evolution of the human races, then 'Artificial Intelligence' is related to the smarter evolution of the self-learning machines.

The human world has always talked about the pros and cons of the evolution of the machine backed by the artificial intelligence. We still have not reached the conclusion if AI will take over the human intelligence.

Let's look deeper into this:

According to psychoanalytical theories of human development by Sigmund Freud, a person, as a child, learns around 50% of things that he/she will use throughout the life later within four to five years of his childhood. Then, does the learning capability curve slack down? Yes, maybe.

But, if we take the case of the AI, machines are taught to learn and learn from more data. So, in this case, the specific learning grows but in the case of humans, our primary learning depreciates with time because other learnings like emotional intelligence, academic learning, social learning also start to take place.

So, will AI take over the Human intelligence?

Yuval Noah Harari is a lecturer at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. The gist of his book, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankindpoints out at the fact that in the future, employment for the humans will be taken over by the intelligent robots because they will be cheaper to implement for the longer.

Here is a review of the book which binds the true essence of the book in simple lines:

Here is a simple reason why Sapiens has risen explosively to the ranks of an international bestseller. It tackles the biggest questions of history and of the modern world, and it is written in an unforgettably vivid language.

When this book was launched almost two years ago, it became a best-seller instantly. It also sparked great conversations among intellectual about the foreseen future of the human races.

Once this book became the bestseller, Yuval Noah Harari was asked by his publisher to come with another book. So, currently, he is busy with his another book titled "Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow" which is not going to be out in the market until September this year but its early copies are already available and are circulating in the market.

The subtitle of the book has a lot to say:

War is obsolete. You are more likely to commit suicide than be killed in conflict.

How will AI create jobless human classes? The author explains:

Even though we humans are gaining Godlike powers, that is just an occurrence. A day in the future might end up when an online reader will be reading a book for us, an application preparing breakfast for us, a calendar scheduling out meetings, and our kids strapping VR headsets to their faces. That's the new and the next revolution with dire hidden consequences too far to sense.

Rise of Useless Class:

The author Yuval Noah Harari terms this evolution which gives byproducts in the form of a useless class. In a nutshell, as artificial intelligence gets smarter, more humans are pushed out of the job market.

No one would know what to study at the 20s because they would not know what 40s would be like. A change in the technology and take-over by the AI will leave millions of people jobless behind.

If we have two capabilities, physical and cognitive then, physical has already been taken over by the machines and the time is approaching real fast when the perceptiveai us— and the cognitive powers of AI will outmatch humans.

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