AI To Replace Two Top-Level Government Jobs In Indonesia

AI will replace public servants

People have had conflicting arguments over the future of AI and its impact on employment. On one side, there are those like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, who believe AI will bring more jobs and “dignity.”

On the other side, we have Google’s co-founder, the Terminator movie series, and many others who firmly believe that AI will likely steal jobs or bring dark days for mankind.

It appears as people anxious about the AI might actually be right after all. In the latest news, Indonesia’s President Joko Widodo announced to replace two top-level public servant posts with AI in 2020.

According to Reuters, Widodo briefed on his AI implementation plans in a room full of leaders from big companies. While the idea is to reduce bureaucracy, his main agenda with AI is to change the structure of the country’s economy by reducing the use of natural resources.

In the meeting, Widodo also said that Indonesia should start with higher-end manufacturing, such as the production of electric vehicles. Industries should be using raw materials like coal and bauxite, instead of just exporting it.

Widodo also said four top positions in the Indonesian government would be cut down to only two in a bid to cut red tape.

I have ordered my minister (of administrative and bureaucratic reform) to replace them with AI. Our bureaucracy will be faster with AI,” he said, referring to artificial intelligence. However, he added this plan would need parliamentary approval.

Wdodo did not provide more details on the process and how AI technology would be used.

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