AI Is “Very, Very Stupid,” Says Google’s AI Leader


Among the various tech trends, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is arguably the thing right now in the mobile world. However, putting some water on the raging trend, Google’s AI leader considers AI to be ‘very, very stupid.’

At a recent Google Cloud Event, held on November 14, Andrew Moore, Google’s AI Leader stated, “It is really good at doing certain things which our brains can’t handle, but it’s not something we could press to do general-purpose reasoning involving things like analogies or creative thinking or jumping outside the box.

While Moore deems AI to be stupid, he persuades to get hold of AI, especially the features such as Image Recognition technology offered by Google.  He further suggests that in addition to keeping up with the various pros offered by AI, users should also be aware of the cons it comes with.

For the unaware ones, Artificial Intelligence, often called machine intelligence, is the intelligence by machines, mimicking the human brain with the help of neural networks for the recognition of patterns.

Well, maybe Andrew Moore is not entirely wrong. Keeping in mind the pros and cons of everything further helps in its adequate usage, and with AI’s popularity having a toll on us, it’s about time we use it with discretion!

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Vanshika Malhotra

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