As per the paper published on arXIV, the journey to becoming a dancing superstar can be covered in a few steps. First, an algorithm creates a virtual skeleton of the test subject. Then, another skeleton figure is made of the source video. Next, AI, with the help of neural networking synthesizing video of the target, does the magic.

Of course, there are limitations and the AI is not absolutely perfect. For instance, one would see blurry images, jittering and sometimes even missing body parts. But all things considered, the tool seems fun and will certainly help you fool people around you that you can dance.

Like every other emerging AI technology tools, this also may have some bad implications on the society. Like teenagers bullying each other to morphed videos of prominent people, the tech can be misused.

We already saw a similar tech called the Deepfakes whose clever face swapping ability gave rise to hundreds of fake videos of celebrities and artist, all around the world.

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