This Aerial Saw Cuts Trees While Hanging From A Helicopter

Efficient but dangerous method.


Manually cutting trees with a ground crew can be quite a tedious and slow process. However, human ingenuity can find creative ways to solve a problem more efficiently. In the US, contractors have implemented a different method for cutting trees across several miles more efficiently. They have started using a helicopter with an aerial saw attached to trim down trees.

This method of cutting trees is known as aerial trimming. The main purpose of these kinds of projects is to remove excessive tree branches from spanning further onto roads or power lines. This method is mostly used in remote areas where trees have overgrown on power lines, pipelines, or other infrastructure.

Trimming Trees From A Helicopter Using An Aerial Saw

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This process is a lot faster and cheaper than a crew of people hanging from buckets to trim the trees. However, there is a ground crew that will follow the helicopter from behind that clear any debris of stems and branches.

The aerial saw might look dangerous, but it is completely safe, and even the pilot is not in direct contact with it. However, a safety buffer must be in place when using this method in a residential area. Fortunately, this method is mostly used in areas where it is difficult for contractors to perform manual labor.

The saw is carried by an MD 500 helicopter and powered by a 28-horsepower engine. There are ten circular saws placed on a twenty-foot shaft using a gimbal mount. The method was first utilized in 1983 by Randall Rogers of Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

Since then, other American contracting companies have utilized the aerial saw to trim paths in mountainous and difficult-to-access areas. Let us know what you think about this aerial saw in the comment section below. Click here to read more articles like this.

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