Watch This Branch-Cutting Machine Climb Trees Like A Monkey

Branches of the tallest trees, chopped off in minutes.

advaligno patas tree delimbing machine
Image: Advaligno

As climate change becomes more and more noticeable, natural disasters and weather anomalies are on the rise. So far, in 2022, different countries around the world have experienced heatwaves and even wildfires. The growing number of such incidents prompts us to focus on prevention methods like delimbing trees to control a forest fire.

Delimbing, or limbing, is the act of cutting down the branches of a tree, either manually or using a machine. Advaligno PATAS is a powerful delimbing machine that can climb the tallest trees and remove their branches while doing so.

The manner in which PATAS scales trees is reminiscent of that of a monkey. How it chops off all of a tree’s branches in a short time highlights its quality engineering. Here’s a video that shows the Advaligno PATAS at work.

This delimbing equipment is a product of Advaligno, a company based in Germany. According to its official website, the machine’s name, PATAS, reflects its ability to move up and down on a tree quickly. It gets its name from a type of monkey that is the fastest when it comes to climbing trees.

Advaligno PATAS: An efficient option for delimbing trees

Traditionally speaking, the difficulty in removing a tree’s branches increases with the height of the tree. Not only is delimbing tall trees manually a challenging task, but it is also risky. Moreover, it also requires more people, equipment, and time.

Advaligno PATAS makes this process much more efficient and effective, thanks to the ingenious technology behind it. It consists of a hydraulic-powered branching unit that is linked to a drive unit attached to a small tractor via a 25m long hose. This machine is suitable for delimbing trees that are about 12m tall or more.

operators attaching advaligno patas to a tree
Image: Advaligno

Coming to its working, the PATAS requires at least two people to operate it. First off, the operators park the tractor at a safe distance (at least 10m) from the target tree. Then, they take out the branching unit and wrap it around the tree trunk. Once sufficiently away (~10m) from the target, they use the radio remote control to carry out the delimbing process by moving the branching unit vertically.

How does delimbing a tree prevent a wildfire?

When there is a fire, it can easily spread from the ground to a tree or spread from one tree to another via the branches. In technical terms, the branches can act as a fuel ladder and allow a fire to climb into a tree’s canopy. Once there, the fire can harm the wildlife and spread further to nearby trees.

This way, a small fire could turn into a conflagration in no time and cause a lot of damage. Delimbing trees takes the branches out of the equation and, hence, prevents the aforementioned from happening.

PATAS from Advaligno is a remarkable machine that makes the process of delimbing easier, especially in the case of tall trees. But, do you think delimbing is the best way to prevent forest fires? Tell us in the comments below.

Besides delimbing, stump grinding is another activity that is part of forest control. Here’s the Vortex Stump Grinder, which makes this process quick and easy.

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