Abot — How To Make Your Own Digital Assistant With This Free And Open Source Tool


how to build personal assistant abotShort Bytes: Ever wished to create your own digital assistant that talks back to you and completes your day-to-day tasks? Now it’s easier than ever with an open source tool Abot that’s written in Go programming language. Know more about it here and start coding one for you.

Making a digital assistant isn’t an easy task and many of you appreciated our article on how to write your own Jarvis code in Python. Digital assistants are taking over our digital life and the tech giants like Apple, Microsoft, Google and more are spending million in the research and development work.

But, what to do when you want your personal digital assistant that’s created by your own hands?

Here, I’m going to tell you about the completely free and open source tool named Abot — another way to code your own Jarvis.

You must be knowing that digital assistants are mammoth software and way too complex. Abot solves this problem by making it easier with pre-installed tools that manage and understand human language.

Abot is written in Go programming language

Written in Go, Abot is a digital assistant framework that’s designed to help you build your own assistant and customize it according to your needs. It could be used anywhere — a self-answering phone machine, business travel scheduling, or ordering Uber and taking care of your laundry.

By exposing an HTTP API, Abot framework easily integrates into your SMS, email, Slack, Twitter, or other ways of communication.

How Abot digital assistant framework works?

If we talk about the brain that’s guiding Abot, it consists of three main parts:

  • An API that accepts natural language input
  • A state machine for tracking grammar and context across inputs to enable chaining of commands
  • A router to select the correct plugin that sends input based on the present commands and past context

Abot combines these three parts and libraries to fasten the process of coding your personal digital assistant.

How to get started with Abot and build a personal assistant?

Below is the link to a simple guide to get started with Abot digital assistant framework and it doesn’t need any prior experience with artificial intelligence or machine learning. If you are new to Go programming languages, the guide will take care of it.

— Abot digital assistant building guide

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Adarsh Verma

Adarsh Verma

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