The A15 Bionic On The iPhone 14 Will Be More Powerful Than The iPhone 13

The A15 Bionic On The iPhone 14 Will Be More Powerful Than The iPhone 13
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With only a month left for the official launch of the iPhone 14, we are getting a clearer picture of the lineup. Although the base model of the iPhone 14 will come with the same A15 chipset, it’s rumored to be faster than the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 packs a six-core CPU that performs exceptionally in day-to-day tasks.

Even before the iPhone 13 was announced, rumors of the iPhone 14 started surfacing. As of now, we have a pretty good idea of the design and specs of the upcoming iPhone 14 lineup.

As per reports, the iPhone 14 will have a higher number of GPU cores than the iPhone 13. On top of that, the iPhone 14 might come with a bigger RAM along with a new cellular modem. And this begs the question of whether the iPhone 14 will be significantly better than the iPhone 13.

Will the iPhone 14 be better than the iPhone 13?

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With an older chipset and no pro-motion functionally, the iPhone 14 might look slightly unattractive. However, there’s a catch. As we know, Apple has consistently worked on improving the performance of its chipsets while making them more efficient over the years.

According to a report from 9To5Mac iPhone X had a 192% performance bump over the iPhone 6(A8). Similarly, the iPhone 13(A15) had a significant performance increase of 91% from the iPhone XS(A12). Although the data shows a gradual increase in the performance, it’s clear that it has gotten less significant over the years.

The A15 Bionic On The iPhone 14 Will Be More Powerful Than The iPhone 13
Image: 9To5Mac

Until the iPhone 13, Apple had a trend of using the same processor across all the pro and non-pro models. However, the A15 chip in the iPhone 13 Pro comes with an extra GPU core. Hence, it benchmarks higher and performs better due to the enhanced processor and a bigger RAM.

There are rumors that Apple could be using the same higher core A15 chipset for the standard iPhone 14 and 14 Max. Although the performance may not be at par with the upcoming A16, it should perform better than the base iPhone 13.

Apple will host a physical launch event in the month of September. The company is likely to launch four new iPhones at the event. The lineup features the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The pro models will have the latest A16 Bionic, rumored to be 30% faster than the A15 Bionic. Are you excited about the iPhone 14 launch event? Comment down below.

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