A Rare Apple-1 With Steve Woz’s Signature Is Set To Auction For Half A Million Dollars

A valuable collector's item.


Apple is one of the most successful companies in history as its valuation rose to an astounding trillion dollars. They have created numerous products that enthusiasts adore, from iPods and iPhones to AirPods; the company never disappoints its fan base.

However, you have a chance if you want to have a piece of the Apple antiquity. The Apple-1 is one of the first computers that the company released, and there are only a handful of pieces left of it, and the count is even low for the devices in pristine condition.

However, if you want a piece of the pie, there is an Apple-1 going to auction tomorrow, and not only is the device in excellent condition but it is also signed by the creator Steve Wozniak. The computer is being sold by Jimmy Grewal, the founder of the AAPL collection, and it comes with all the original parts.

Apple-1 computer: A valuable collector’s item

The new owners will get the device with all the original hardware, including a monitor, keyboard, and a classic cassette player from a similar era. The estimated value for the computer is around $460,000 to $485,000. Although, it is expected to fetch an even better price at the auction.

The owners want to spend remuneration obtained from the sale of the computer on creating prospects for the public to view Grewal’s rare Apple products collection in the form of museums or pop-up exhibitions. The enthusiast has over 200 Apple computers along with several collectibles and accessories.

Apple began selling its first product around 45 years ago, called the Apple-1. It managed to sell around 200 devices, of which 50 were acquired by Byte Shop (a local electronics store), and reportedly only 82 or more still exist.

Image Credit: The AAPL Collection

Hence, the computers are a collector’s item recorded on Apple-1 Registry as #89 hence becoming a part of rare species of historical Apple devices. However, what’s exciting and interesting about this Apple-1 is that it comprises all original hardware in “remarkable working condition.” as per the report.

Additionally, it is part of the duo purchased by a senior executive at oil services company Schlumberger Overseas S.A. Thus it derives its name for the particular model “Schlumberger 2 Apple-1.”

The oil merchants took the devices to Europe, and it was eventually acquired by the AAPL collection, which states that it is one of the first Apple products that traveled outside of North America. Grewal met Wozniak in 2021, who even signed the white 6502 CPU, thus making it one in a million items for the accumulator.



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