A Paid Version Of Snapchat Is In The Works: Snapchat Plus

Get ready for added features with Snapchat Plus at 4.59 Euros!

A Paid Version Of Snapchat Is In The Works
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi/Twitter

Apps are moving towards paid tier and Snapchat is the latest entry into the list. Snapchat is testing a paid tier called Snapchat Plus that will be exclusive to paying members only. The app will offer additional in-app content using which the users can personalize their profiles and improve their overall experience.

The news was dropped by Alessandro Paluzzi and the expected pricing as per the popular app researcher is around 4.59 Euros per month or 45.99 Euros per year.

Snapchat Plus: But why?

The Verge reached out to Snap to enquire about the rumored paid tier in the app. “We’re doing early internal testing of Snapchat Plus, a new subscription service for Snapchatters. We’re excited about the potential to share exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features with our subscribers, and learn more about how we can best serve our community,” said Liz Markman, a spokesperson from Snap.

Alessandro Paluzzi shared some interesting details about the upcoming paid version of Snapchat. He shared a few images showcasing the features which might make it to the final version. One of the added features in Snapchat Plus would be the ability to pin a friend as BFF #1.

Other perks include the ability to display a badge in their profile, see their orbit with BFF, check the whereabouts of their friends in the last 24 hours, and get access to exclusive Snapchat icons. Snapchat Plus users will also be able to check how many friends rewatch their stories.

Snapchat plus
Image: Alessandro Paluzzi/Twitter

But why does Snapchat need a paid tier? Doesn’t it have enough users already? Well, Snapchat, like all social platforms thrives on advertising revenue. Snapchat is among the brands which were adversely affected by Apple’s Anti Tracking measures introduced last year. Now, Snapchat has to request users to track them on iPhone, and no one in their right mind would ever do that.

So, the paid tier is an attempt to build another revenue stream to replenish some of the loss in revenue. Will you pay for Snapchat? Tell us in the comments.

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