The Ultimate VPN Comparison Chart Featuring More Than 100 VPN Services


vpn service bestShort Bytes: Selecting the right VPN service to fulfill your needs is a monumental task. Keeping in mind the same, a Reddit user has made a massive VPN comparison chart that features 111 services at the moment. The chart compares these services on various parameters like privacy, data logging, pricing etc.

People are using VPN services more often to defy tracking, cyber criminals, hackers, governments etc. To counter this growing threat of internet surveillance, people are ready to pay a good price to protect their identity and preserve the privacy.

For those who don’t know, Virtual Private Network is a personal network created over the internet that allows your network traffic to pass using a secure and encrypted connection. You can read about VPN in detail here — What is VPN? How it works?

After realizing the need for a VPN service, the hard part is figuring out which service to use. Unfortunately, not all VPN services are as safe as they claim. For this reason, a Reddit user named ThatOnePrivacyGuy has prepared a giant list of more than 100 VPN services with tons of “unbiased, independently verifiable” data.

massive vpn comparison chart

This VPN comparison chart features 111 VPN services at the moment, categorizing the features under three columns — technical, pricing, and privacy. This chart by ThatOnePrivacyGuy tells if your VPN service provider logs the traffic, timestamps, IP address, bandwidth, sessions etc.

Under the technical section, the chart lists the server SSL rating, support tools, P2P and SMTP blocking, OpenVPN support and servers information. This list also tells if your service provider accepts Bitcoins.

Note that ThatOnePrivacyGuy has released this chart under a Creative Commons license and anyone can verify this list to test the authenticity of the information provided.

— ThatOnePrivacyGuy’s VPN Comparison Chart

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